Meet the Sponsor: Space2BHeard

Thank you to all of our conference sponsors. Your support really is amazing. Today, we are sharing more about one of them – Space2BHeard, a mental health CIC based in Hull.

We asked them about what they so and why they’re excited to be part of our very first conference.


What product or service do you offer?

 We provide accessible and quality mental health and wellbeing services to the communities within Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. We work in partnership with different organisations who purchase our services, and we coordinate clinicians to be able to offer high quality psychotherapy and counselling to people seeking support. We also offer tailored  packages to promote workforce wellbeing, offering support and solutions to organisation’s who want to invest in their greatest asset, their people. 

Tell us how this product or service could benefit the attendees of the Humber Counselling and Psychotherapy Conference?

As leading providers of Psychotherapy and Counselling we are able to offer attendees the opportunity to work psychotherapeutically with one of our experienced clinicians on a self funded basis. It might be you need support with a current issue or difficulty, you would like ongoing therapy to maintain good health, or you are in need of therapy to count towards your qualifying hours. We are able to offer a variety of models and approaches to meet the needs of the individual.

As we grow we are keen to seek to widen our clinical teams, we would like to use the conference as an opportunity to meet qualified and trainee Counsellors and Psychotherapist and discuss possible opportunities both on a voluntary and paid basis.

Perhaps you would like to cultivate a culture of health and wellbeing within your organisation? We would love to hear more, and learn how we can support you with this.  

 Why is it important for you to be involved with a conference like this?

Space2BHeard CIC was formed from a group of likeminded individuals from the community at the Ellesmere Centre with a passion for delivering quality and accessible therapeutic options to people in Hull and the East Riding. Our partnership is vital in ensuring we uphold our objectives around providing employment and volunteering opportunities locally to people training in our sector. Its is important that we demonstrate this partnership through events like the conference so that our community of shared therapists understand the connection between the two organisations and how they can get involved.

We are passionate about all things health and wellbeing here at S2BH, with mental health being our key focus. We recognise the importance of our community in our quest to cultivate wellbeing. We feel being part of this local (to us) conference provides us with a valuable opportunity to widen out network and increase our community with like-minded and passionate people who hold similar values and can bring a richness to all things health and wellbeing in the Humber region.

What 3 key pieces of information would you like our attendees to know about your product of service?

  • We are a unique and growing Community Interest Company and we invite involvement in our delivery from across our network of colleagues, partners and services users. Come and see us if you want to discuss volunteering opportunities and how your knowledge may contribute towards our strategy!
  • We have a range of Workplace Wellbeing initiatives – designed to promote mental wellness in the work environment. We are keen to hear more about your experiences in the workplace and how best we can support people in ever changing work environments.
  • The Ellesmere Centre is our key strategic partner and together we work on establishing great volunteering and employment opportunities to our growing network of therapists. Our best resource is our community of likeminded people and we are always keen to talk about our story and how we have got to where we are in our journey.

Is there anything else that would be useful for us to know?

We would like to share that we have an exciting opportunity to join us as a member of our board!

Exciting opportunity awaits! Are you ready to join our team supporting mental health and wellbeing? (

How do people get more information or contact you?

Our website – is at

We are also on social media…..

You can call us on 01482 705023

Meet the Sponsor: Chris Mitchell Business Coaching

Chris Mitchell Business Coaching

We are delighted to be announcing a further conference sponsor today, Chris Mitchell Business Coaching.

Chris Mitchell is a coach and business strategist who works directly with business owners to help them step back, away from the day to day, and build a strategy to help them work on their business, not just in their business. Chris has over 10 years of experience in commercial and corporate strategy roles, coupled with a triple accredited coaching accreditation from Henley Business School. 

It is really important to remember that whilst many of us therapists love our role, we are also business people. Many self employed people struggle with running their business. Chris offers 1:1 professional development and business coaching sessions that will help attendees to inject their business with clarity, strategy and action. Whether they are just starting out or have an established practice, running a business can bring a mix of overwhelm, stress and a feeling of not knowing where or what to do next. 

Chris says that “by working with me, I will benefit attendees by helping them to: 

  • Clarify their vision, mission and strategy. Understanding their reason for being and what success looks like for them
  • Work with them to identify blockers or challenges that need to be overcome to take that next step
  • Set meaningful goals and build an action plan that give them focus and intention
  • Build a customer profile so that they can refine their proposition and target who they want to work with (or for) more effectively
  • Identify why their business is making money, or why not

We asked Chris why he believes it is important for him to be involved with the Humber Counselling and Psychotherapy Conference. 

“I understand that running a business is tough and that a lot of the attendees will be specialists in therapy, but not in business. They might feel naïve about what running a business means or how to do it effectively. I take my background in corporate strategy and my mindset in coaching, to help business owners create their own strategies for success so that they can get to where they want to be, faster.”

If you would like to find out more about Chris. More details can be found here :

Web Adress:
Email :
Phone Number :  07826258929

Social Media Details :

Speaker: Corry Fawcett

Corry Fawcett ECPT

Hi, I am Corry Fawcett (her/she)

My workshop is called – ‘Humour in Therapy’

I will be asking ‘Is it OK to laugh in therapy?’

Workshop aim – to gain a greater level of understanding of our views on humour and if we think humour has a place in therapy.

There are 3 parts to this workshop:

1 – Presentation – includes the reason for my interest in humour and some historical and theoretical context.

2 – Group discussion – open discussion, sharing our thoughts about humour and what humour means to us.  

3 – Group task and application – exploring if humour has the potential to be both useful and potentially damaging in the therapeutic relationship and creating an aide memoire.

Bring your open mind and let’s get curious together!

About me

I am a Student Psychotherapist studying Integrative and Transactional Analysis at ECPT. I am currently on placement at Valued Minds and Time To Listen, both Community Interest Companies in Hull. It is of the utmost importance to me that I bring a realness and honesty to my studies and practice. My peers describe me as a warm, compassionate and creative therapist and my down to earth, inclusive approach offers the opportunity to feel safe in trusting the process of therapy.

Speaker: Barbara Clarkson

Our keynote speaker is Barbara Clarkson

a lovely pic of Barbara Clarkson

“Whole and Hurting in a Troubled World”

Barbara is a psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor with almost 30 years’ experience in practice. In this time, she has developed a keen interest in exploring the meaning of psychotherapy and counselling in these difficult times. She is developing an integration of psychotherapy with ideas of soul, story and spirituality that aims to offer a grounded framework for practitioners who are seeking to find deeper meaning in their work, and for clients who sense that they need to make meaning of their experiences in order to integrate and heal.

In her keynote address Barbara will invite us to engage with challenging questions such as:

“What is the point of therapy while war, famine, and climate crisis rage around us?”

“What is health, what is cure, what are we aiming for and why?”

“Why can’t we live a life without pain?”

There may not be neat and tidy answers to these but bringing our humanity to the work of responding might allow us to develop some powerful connections to ourselves and our clients.

Barbara has held various roles in the UK TA community, and within the European Association for TA, as well as serving as an assessor for the UKCP’s Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College..

She is currently part of the training team at Ellesmere Counselling and Psychotherapy Training, and delivers the Diploma in Counselling Supervision alongside her role with the advanced trainees.

She has also published various articles exploring spirituality and psychotherapy including in 2021 in the Transactional Analysis Journal.

She is currently writing extensively, both memoir and theory, integrating the personal with the professional.

You can now buy tickets for the 2022 conference at:

Speaker: Janine Piccirella

Janine Piccirella

We are delighted to welcome Janine Piccirella to our very first conference. Janine is a qualified Psychotherapist, Supervisor & Trainer with UKCP Registration & BACP Accreditation and a qualified EMDR Therapist with her own private practice in Nottingham

Janine Piccirella

Janine is passionate about teaching Trauma. Her therapy business ‘Becoming-Ubuntu’ means becoming – we are always becoming. Ubuntu is a Zulu phrase which means ‘I am because we are’. Both connect in the learning and development of self.

Janine will be running a workshop about the importance of boundaries, and we are looking forward to learning more about this pertinent topic.

Title: Bound to become – Transformation through enduring circumstances

Synopsis: Exploring the importance of boundaries and the effects this has on relationship(s) with; self, others and the world.

We will connect with different types of boundaries, and the impact of the ‘external’ on the ‘internal’, and vice versa.

Relating the importance of boundaries in transformational Script change.

Conference tickets will be on sale later in May 2022

Other speakers at the conference include Mark Head and Leilani Mitchell

Speaker: Mark Head

We are delighted to announce our second workshop at the Humber Counselling and Psychotherapy Conference on Saturday 22nd October 2022.

This will be entitled “Seven Seconds of Empathy” and will be presented by the wonderful Mark Head.

We spoke to Mark and he said “some years ago I was informed that it takes seven seconds of empathy to form a new neural pathway. Empathy is generally seen as an important aspect of effective therapy, and it could be argued is increasingly important during the current challenging period of history. Yet what really is Empathy? When we begin to examine empathy, we can find this is a capacity that may not be as easy as it first appears.”
In this workshop, we shall explore empathy from a psychological, neuroscientific as well as a therapy perspective. We will look at what gets in the way of empathy and how we can develop this capacity within ourselves.
Mark is an experienced and qualified UKCP registered psychotherapist with private practice in East Sussex. An accomplished teacher, he previously taught in a variety of settings before starting the Link Centre, a training centre for Counsellors and Psychotherapists, which has now been running for nearly 20 years.
As a qualified TA supervisor, he runs a supervision practice for other counsellors and therapists. Furthermore, as a committed mindfulness practitioner, Mark has subsequently completed a training to run mindfulness courses.

We are so pleased to be able to welcome Mark to the conference. He adds a wealth of knowledge and experience to the day.

Speaker: Leilani Mitchell

We are so excited to be starting to announce our workshop presenters at the Humber Counselling and Psychotherapy Conference.

First up, we present a workshop by Leilani Mitchell. Leilani is a major figure in the world of Transactional Analysis, and her contribution to the fields of counselling and psychotherapy is immense.

Workshop – Core Values

What are your core values? How do they affect your personal and professional life?

In this workshop, we will engage in courageous conversations about your values, what offends you, and the impact of differing values. We will consider the social systems we create around us and how we perceive others to have the same values. We will also explore what happens when it is revealed that others’ values are different from ours and how we hold that tension which can be challenging and painful.

Bring your core self, the courage to speak your truth, and your willingness to be challenged.

Workshop outcomes: To gain a greater level of understanding of their core values and how they affect them.

Leilani Mitchell TSTA is Director of The Link Centre based in the Sussex and Online. Over the past 30 years, Leilani has held many roles within ITA/UKATA/EATA. She enjoys supporting the community by initiating projects (TATuesdays, EATA Video Project, Radical Inclusions Workshops) to make training accessible. Leilani has presented at regional, national and international conferences and was awarded the EATA Silver Medal in 2017 for her contribution to the TA Community and work with refugees and a Special UKATA award was created for her in 2020. Leilani lives with her partner, Mark Head TSTA, and is a mother and grandmother.

Why attend a counselling and psychotherapy conference? A personal view.

by Chris Colcomb

I have been a trainee at Ellesmere Counselling and Psychotherapy Training for three years and they have always suggested that we attend relevant conferences. As a very committed introvert, this is not an idea I have found at all appealing. I have dipped my toe in the water with online conferences and found them useful. This year, however, I decided it was time to take the plunge and attend a real-life conference.

For the last few days, I have been in Milton Keynes where I attended the UKATA conference (United Kingdom Association for Transactional Analysis). It has been a really rich learning experience for me, and I have attended a number of workshops on various subjects including core values, the menopause, autonomy, gender diversity, education and the role of the teacher, as well as inclusivity and exclusivity.

There is no doubt in my mind that my core training at The Ellesmere Centre is packed full of great theory and experiential material. This is the same at most training institutions. But it is also often the case, that as trainees (and beyond) we could become reliant solely on the training intuition’s, or the trainer’s, frame of reference. We may get stuck in a bubble.

In my view, it is really important that counsellors and psychotherapists, step out of their bubble, out of their comfort zone, and allow themselves to be challenged by new surroundings, new trainers and new co-trainees. By doing this, they may also be able to delve into new and more specialised subjects that are beyond the scope of core training.

As an illustration, one of the workshops I attended was about the menopause. This was presented by the wonderful Joanna Groves of the Affinity Centre in Manchester. As a man, I have never had to consider the implications of the menopause, let alone go through it. I was finding increasingly that clients were bringing the menopause into the therapy room, and that I had no way to talk about it, to the point where I was shying away from it and even steering the conversation away from it in the therapy room. I feel like I am now equipped with at least some of the language, information and tools that I may need to help my female clients. Interestingly, I was the only man on this workshop and I wondered how equipped other male therapists may be. I saw it almost as my duty to attend.

A second workshop was with Janine Piccirella from Becoming Ubuntu Training. She presented a provocatively entitled workshop called “Autonomy. How Dare You!” Janine discussed the idea of script backlash in the therapy room, and presented the idea that whilst a client can attend to and grow from their scripts, as they start to leave them behind there may a greater pull back to script. It may be experienced as the client almost punishing themselves for trying to change. How might we, as therapists deal with this? Janine’s ideas, alongside those of the group were really useful.

A third workshop was an exploration of our core values with Leilani Mitchell and Mark Head from The Link Centre. I have always struggled to get in touch with these deeply held values, and the workshop was a really interesting exploration of all of our values in the room, and what it might take for us all to breach them. Leilani is a superb trainer, who really engaged the participants and there was a real buzz around the room.

The other fantastic thing about conferences is that often, trainees get an opportunity to pitch and present for themselves. A number of trainees took their turn at this conference, and I was lucky to be part of some research in one of the workshops. I also got to meet a lot of the presenters socially, and I even met some legendary names from the TA world, such as Adrienne Lee and Enid Welford.

I appreciate that travelling to Milton Keynes represents quite an expense for many. So I was really keen to be a part of a organising brand-new local counselling and psychotherapy conference later in the year. The Humber Counselling and Psychotherapy Conference will be held on 22nd October 2022 at The Humber View Hotel, near the Humber Bridge just outside Hull. This is a one-day conference for anyone training or working in counselling and psychotherapy. Leilani, Mark and Janine will all be attending our conference, alongside some other inspirational teachers and trainees. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for delegates to stay behind and meet the trainers – you can even stay at the hotel if you want to take a more relaxed approach.

As I have suggested in this article, I really hope you’ll agree that attending a conference is a great way to gain a fresh perspective on a range of relevant subjects. It’s a really great way to get some much-needed continuing professional development.

Tickets go on sale in May at a very competitive price of £85 which includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

More details can be found at, where you can also find links to our social media.

The full line up of speakers will be announced very soon both on the website and on social media.

The Humber Counselling and Psychotherapy Conference is brought to you in partnership with Ellesmere Counselling and Psychotherapy Training

Written by Chris Colcomb on 26th April 2022.

Chris is a currently a third-year student at Ellesmere Counselling and Psychotherapy Training in Hull. Chris is studying an integrative therapeutic study path, but specialises in Transactional Analysis. Chris is a student member of UKATA and UKCP. He also runs a private practice Talking Works and is happy to be contacted if you wish to ask him anything about attending conferences.