Hi, I am Corry Fawcett (her/she)

My workshop is called – ‘Humour in Therapy’

I will be asking ‘Is it OK to laugh in therapy?’

Workshop aim – to gain a greater level of understanding of our views on humour and if we think humour has a place in therapy.

There are 3 parts to this workshop:

1 – Presentation – includes the reason for my interest in humour and some historical and theoretical context.

2 – Group discussion – open discussion, sharing our thoughts about humour and what humour means to us.  

3 – Group task and application – exploring if humour has the potential to be both useful and potentially damaging in the therapeutic relationship and creating an aide memoire.

Bring your open mind and let’s get curious together!

About me

I am a Student Psychotherapist studying Integrative and Transactional Analysis at ECPT. I am currently on placement at Valued Minds and Time To Listen, both Community Interest Companies in Hull. It is of the utmost importance to me that I bring a realness and honesty to my studies and practice. My peers describe me as a warm, compassionate and creative therapist and my down to earth, inclusive approach offers the opportunity to feel safe in trusting the process of therapy.

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