Speaker :

Rebecca Davies

Keynote Title : 

“The false dichotomy: mind, body and other in a modern world.”

About the keynote :

Rene Descartes famously stated ‘I think, therefore I am’. Behind this statement was the belief that the mind and body are separate entities. This type of dualism disconnected human beings from the bodies that they lived in.

In recent years, the West has begun to regain its connection to the body, and see that the mind and body intrinsically influence one another.

In this keynote speech, Rebecca will invite you to go one step further. Rather than seeing the mind and body has separate elements which are albeit deeply affected by one another, she will put forward a case to argue that the mind is the body. In other words, that the experience of being conscious is an entirely embodied one.

Through all, she will be inviting you to reflect and experience being your own body.

About the speaker :

Rebecca is a PTSTA in the field of psychotherapy. She is a core tutor at the training institute The Link Centre, as well as running the exam prep group for the college. Rebecca is also the Chair of the UKATA exam committee and the CTA Written Exam Coordinator. As well as TA, Rebecca has further training in Body Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing and other trauma informed therapies. 

She runs her own certificate through The Link Centre in Interpersonal Neurobiology and has a passion for combining up to date scientific findings with talking therapies, resulting in an embodied approach to TA.

Rebecca Davies PTSA

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