Workshop Title : 

Learning from Babies.

About the workshop :

When working with a new client, psychotherapy typically focusses on what happened to this client which led them to be in room with us. The importance of childhood cannot be overstated, in this respect. That said, less attention is given to understanding the abilities and ways of understanding the world before speech has developed. The first part of this workshop will explore aspects of how new-borns make sense of the world they find themselves in. We will draw on Transactional Analysis theory, especially the concept of protocol; which describes the nature of learning in the preverbal baby. 

Working at a more practical level we will then share our knowledge of polyvagal theory to further enrich our understanding and thinking. Finally, we pull together the concepts explored with a view to identifying practical steps for helping our clients.

About the speaker :

Martin Loughna (CTA-P & PTSTA-P) – Martin is a TA psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. In addition to his private practice, he works for Refugee Council as an adult psychotherapist providing therapy to refugees. He has a keen interest in early learning, genetic traits and trauma.  In keeping with the latter, he is qualified to provide EMDR.

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