Speaker :

Matthew Elton

Workshop Title : 

When “just do it” just doesn’t do it…

About the workshop :

The “just do it” move can fail when our clients use it on themselves and when people in our clients’ lives use it on them. And things can go badly when we, as therapists, say something like “just do it” to our clients, whether intentionally or inadvertently. We’ll explore why the “just do it” move can be so unhelpful while, at the same time, it can seem so compelling. And, having given it a hard time, I’ll argue that there are times when the “just do it” move really is helpful. The workshop will include client case studies, practical techniques, and accessible theory. There will be opportunities to try out techniques and discuss the themes of the workshop in small groups.

About the speaker :

Matthew Elton is a psychotherapist and supervisor based in Edinburgh and has been in private practice since 2005 (www.extra-help.org.uk). He works with a wide range of clients and has a special interest in writers and artists. His formative training was in Transactional Analysis and he has since developed a strong interest in Narrative Therapy. Matthew regularly runs workshops for counsellors and therapists in Scotland, across the UK, and online.

His practical book for counsellors and therapists, Talking It Better: From Insight to Change in the Therapy Room, was published in 2021 by PCCS. It’s also available as an audiobook on Audible and elsewhere.

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