Speaker :

Nicole Addis

Workshop Title : 

Letting the Body Speak, So the Mind Truly Hears.

About the workshop :

“It is through my body that I understand others”

The therapeutic relationship involves an embodied encounter, where our presence and that of the client inhabits an intersubjective space. Within this space, unconscious yet bodily aware, the therapist and client speak in silent tongues. Field (1989) described this phenomenon as embodied countertransference. To sit with the other, we need to be able to sit with the self. Understanding countertransference, we let the body speak so that the mind truly hears.

In this workshop we will explore:

·       The phenomena of embodied countertransference

·       The different ways we can work with the past in the here and now

·       The MENT element of the ENGAGEMENT model: –

o   Moment by moment

o   Empassioned

o   Now in response to the past

o   the Therapist as the vessel for change.

About the speaker :

Nicole Addis is a UKCP registered integrative psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor with extensive clinical experience in both NHS and private settings. Nicole set up Peel Psychological Consultancy in 2012, a trauma informed private counselling organisation and training centre.  

If you would like further information, contact: nicole.addis@peeluk.com

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