Speaker :

Adam McGowan 

Workshop Title : Gut feeling or cognitive bias?

About the workshop :

As therapists we can hone-in on feelings.  We get feelings about certain clients that are accurate.  We develop intuition and instinct which allows us to pick up and respond to things that are not said or visible.  We can trust our gut.  

Or can we?  How do we know these gut feelings aren’t just our own bias in disguise?  When is it all about the moment, and when is it all about us…

In this workshop we will explore when intuition is helpful and when it is deceptive.  We’ll consider where gut feelings come from, and the difference between feelings that are responsive to the here-and-now, and those that get in the way of it.  There’ll be some experiential learning to uncover some of our own cognitive biases, within the therapy room and beyond.

About the speaker :

I am an integrative psychotherapist trained in both Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  I work with young adults who are suffering with poor mental and emotional health, under a partnership psycho-social model, supporting them on a one-to-one basis as well as through group-work (and gardening!).  I like playing golf, and I hate playing golf.Adam Picture.jpg

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