We are delighted to announce our second workshop at the Humber Counselling and Psychotherapy Conference on Saturday 22nd October 2022.

This will be entitled “Seven Seconds of Empathy” and will be presented by the wonderful Mark Head.

We spoke to Mark and he said “some years ago I was informed that it takes seven seconds of empathy to form a new neural pathway. Empathy is generally seen as an important aspect of effective therapy, and it could be argued is increasingly important during the current challenging period of history. Yet what really is Empathy? When we begin to examine empathy, we can find this is a capacity that may not be as easy as it first appears.”
In this workshop, we shall explore empathy from a psychological, neuroscientific as well as a therapy perspective. We will look at what gets in the way of empathy and how we can develop this capacity within ourselves.
Mark is an experienced and qualified UKCP registered psychotherapist with private practice in East Sussex. An accomplished teacher, he previously taught in a variety of settings before starting the Link Centre, a training centre for Counsellors and Psychotherapists, which has now been running for nearly 20 years.
As a qualified TA supervisor, he runs a supervision practice for other counsellors and therapists. Furthermore, as a committed mindfulness practitioner, Mark has subsequently completed a training to run mindfulness courses.

We are so pleased to be able to welcome Mark to the conference. He adds a wealth of knowledge and experience to the day.

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  1. This sounds wonderful !! Please can you send me more details as you have them, would love to attend 🥰

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